1. Episode four up on Mixcloud (plus tracklist and links)

    Episode 4 by Sonic Postcards on Mixcloud

    A Sonic Postcard from Haskell Strait, Antarctica

    Co-ordinated by Craig Stevens, Gabby O’Connor and Katharine Allard

    (contact: c.stevens@niwa.cri.nz)

    In the field: Brett Grant, Inga Smith, Cecilia Bitz & Tim Haskell.

    Improvisation for Theremin and Cello courtesy Nell Thomas & Erika Grant

    Seal sounds courtesy Andy Mahoney

    Paper Ice sounds courtesy Martin Kwok & Justin Webster

    Field Support from Antarctica New Zealand

    Funding from Royal Society New Zealand Marsden Fund & NIWA

    Thanks to Rachael Melanson and Tracy Farr.



    00:00            Theremin & Cello #1

    04:30            Introduction

    05:05            C-17 arrival

    08:20            Science

    12:55            Underwater

    17:50            Pony Camp

    20:55            Containerised wind

    24:30            Ice from paper

    30:50            Paper ice sounds

    34:30            Radio chatter

    38:20            Seals, paper and in situ guitar

    40:20            Art vs. Science

    43:50            Contained scientists

    48:20            Overview

    51:40            Helicopter departure

    54:55            Theremin & Cello #2